12 Types of Relationships That You Might Encounter

October 2nd, 2017

There are many different relationship types you will run into over your dating years. Some of them are fantastic bonds that will shape and change your romantic future, but others are painfully irritating reminders that the game of love has many faces. Here are the many relationship types you will cross paths with, whether you like it or not.

1. The first

Your first relationship is a special one, even if it didn’t feel like it at the time. The first serious romantic relationship you have sets up the path for how you are in relationships to follow. It teaches you what you’re good at, what areas need improvement, how you communicate, kiss, how you trust and how faithful you intend to be. Your first relationship is the beginning of everything.

2. The rebound

Different relationship types all have their own unique set of circumstances, but none quite as complicated as the rebound. The rebound occurs when you are freshly out of a serious relationship and are still nursing bruises. Your self-esteem is shot and so you pursue a relationship with someone new way too fast. You’re essentially filling time with someone to do date-like things with until the real deal comes along. This is unfair to your partner and to yourself.

3. Controlling partners

A controlling relationship is not a fun one to be a part of. Often going hand in hand with jealousy, a controlling partner wants to monitor your social media and electronic devices. They may even demand proof of where you are at any given moment. They may try to control who your friends are and how much time you spend with other people. This is an unhealthy, damaging relationship.

4. Clingy relationships

Being a clingy partner often stems from insecurities. You may not feel good enough for your mate or have dealt with broken trust in a former relationship that has carried on to your current one. This can lead to a barrage of text messages to your partner that you think seem sweet but are actually overbearing and a little annoying. Spending time together is key to maintaining a strong bond as both friends and lovers, but spending time apart is equally as important. You need to maintain your sense of self by pursuing your own friendships and hobbies outside your relationship.

5. Too independent

Opposite of the above, there is such thing as being with someone who is too independent. If you are in a serious relationship and your partner is too independent to regularly spend time with you or to consider your opinion on important matters, this can be problematic.

6. Toxic relationship?

When you’re in a relationship you should feel special, secure, and happy. This relationship type is just the opposite. A toxic relationship seems great at first and then your partner’s true colors begin to show. Signs of a toxic relationship include passive aggressive behavior, physical or verbal abuse, excessive criticism, the feeling of walking on eggshells around your mate, and a severe lack of getting back what you’re giving to your partner. What’s worse is that a toxic relationship drags down your self-worth, which makes it harder for you to leave.

7. Opposites attract

Many couples find themselves in a relationship with someone who they have fun with, love, and want to spend their life, but they have little to nothing in common. No shared hobbies or no common beliefs. Instead, their common bond is each other. This relationship can be a blessing. The opposite characteristics of both parties tend to balance the other one out and better each other.

8. Good on paper

Some relationship types happen not because you like somebody, but because you feel like you should like that person. Take the good one paper relationship, for example. You don’t necessarily have feelings for this guy, but he’s handsome, sweet, has a good job and makes you laugh. He’s total marriage material. So you date him anyway.

This relationship is usually a good one. You have a great time together, he treats you well, and your friend and family absolutely love him. But there’s just something missing; a little spark that reminds you he’s just not the one.

9. Long distance relationships

If you’re looking for relationship types that are only for the brave, look no further than the long distance relationship. You will promise yourself that it’s no big deal to live far away from the love of your life and that you guys will be the one to succeed!

10. Just in it for the sex

Call it friends with benefits, call it physical attraction, or just admit that you’re just in it for the sex. Sometimes you have chemistry with a person that is undeniable but you know in your heart that this person is not relationship material. This usually turns into a relationship where you are just using one another for sex.

11. Feels more like friendship

Opposite of the above, there are some relationships where you end up feeling more like friends than lovers. This person is the first one you would call for a fun night out and you spend enough time together that you finally started dating. You always have fun together, but when it comes to getting cozy you’d rather not.

12. The one

Finding the one is like getting a burst of butterflies in your stomach constantly. You have finally met your match – the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

You know you’ve found the one when you talk seriously about your future together, you receive positive reinforcement, you have fun together, you sacrifice for one another, you plan a future, you have trust and open communication, and you agree on the big things in life. And finally? You make one another better.

Finding the one is the most satisfying of the relationship types out there. Just remember that you have to go through a few dud relationships to find the right one for you.