Divorce: DIY or get a lawyer?

May 7th, 2012

by the FindLaw Team

Separation and divorce is an emotional process. Some parties find it easier to use a lawyer to deal with the practical, legal elements but this can be expensive. Some parties find it feasible to use a DIY divorce kit but this can be time-consuming if you do not understand. How do you balance your needs and weigh up the choices? Which is better when applying for a divorce or separation – DIY kit or lawyer?

The DIY Application for Divorce Kit is available from the Family Law Court, and includes instructions and explanations for filing for divorce with an Application for Divorce Form.

What to consider when choosing a DIY kit or a lawyer

  • It is relatively cheaper than using a lawyer but what is the value of having peace of mind with qualified legal advice?
  • Meetings with lawyers to inform them of the separation details is difficult to communicate. DIY kits ensure you can schedule your separation issues at times best suited to you.
  • Having face-to-face interaction with a lawyer can be comforting during a difficult separation, especially to explain complex legal matters. DIY kits can be frustrating to take responsibility for on top of your separation, especially if you find the process too complex.

People have different experiences with DIY kits and lawyers. Has anyone personally recommended a lawyer? Has anyone found DIY kits convenient and the information contained within helpful? Word of mouth encouragement and recommendations may be very helpful in assessing which option is best.