Spouse Hates Your Business? Here’s What to Do

October 9th, 2017

If your spouse hates your business it means that you live an unhappy life. The reasons behind the hatred can be different, but whatever they might be, you need to resolve the problem.

For a successful relationship, both the individuals need to be able to chase their life dreams. If the job you have is something you love, then your spouse must be in line with your feelings.

Here’s what to do if your spouse hates your business:

Does it pay off?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is – does it pay off? Is it worth it to have the business and possibly lose your partner over it, and does it get you enough income to fight for it? Is it just something you like to do, or is it really paying off?

It may be that you don’t realize that your business is destroying you and your relationship. Analyze it and ask a friend or someone you trust about it. See how it looks from the third perspective.

Talk to your spouse about it

If you really think there’s nothing wrong with the business than you need to talk about it with her or him. Have a serious conversation about your job. Present the pros and cons from of it.

Show the facts about the income from your business. If you earn well, your spouse must understand that it’s good to have that business no matter they like it or not.

You can also discuss their feelings and why they hate your job? There must be a reason. It can be obvious, but sometimes it can be underlying and hidden. It might be jealousy, possessiveness, or something else. You need to find it out and have an honest talk about resolving the issues.

Include your spouse in the business

If there is a problem of this kind, such as jealousy, a good solution can be to include your spouse in your business. This way your partner will always be aware of your whereabouts.

Even if there is no such problem, it is always a good idea to give your partner responsibilities in your own business. Family-run businesses are a common thing today and appreciated by the community.

This solution will also provide more money for the family since money earned from the business will stay at home.

Pay more attention at home

The most common reason for argument among partners who have their own businesses is because they are often absent from home. This may not be the only or the real reason for your spouse to hate your business, but it can be a start for arguing, so pay attention to it.

Try to be more at home when it is possible and try to make your spouse happier when you’re together. Don’t go to unimportant meetings. Simply assign someone else you trust and use that time to make your partner happier.

Have a walk together, make love, or go out to dinner. Be a couple. Nothing more, nothing less. Your spouse will love that.