Mediation & Litigation Lawyers in Perth


We are experts in Negotiation and drafting agreements between parties who are in dispute over their children, property and assets (see Property for a complete list of disputable claims). If the negotiations are successful, our lawyers can incorporate the agreement into consent orders that can be filed in the Court.


Mediation is a type of family dispute resolution service which is aimed at resolving issues arising from separation and divorce in relation to children and property matters. If you reach an agreement at mediation, it will not be legally binding until an application is made to the Court for a consent order reflecting the terms of the agreement.


Arbitration is a dispute resolution procedure where an arbitrator considers the case of each party and makes a binding and legally enforceable decision for the parties. The procedure is not as formal as court proceedings.

If you have any queries regarding our capabilities regarding negotiating, mediation or arbitration, please Contact Us and we’ll be happy to address your concerns.

We also advice that you seek counselling before coming to us. Click here to view some related services.

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