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Bloxham Legal was established with one core focus in mind: providing premium legal services in a variety of legal situations.

From our experienced team of lawyers in Perth, you can expect practical, realistic and comprehensive advice in easy to understand terms and the highest quality of communication at all times.

We can help with: Arbitration, Mediation and NegotiationBinding Financial AgreementsDeFacto and Same Sex RelationshipsInjunctions and Restraining OrdersLitigationProperty and Asset DivisionSeparation and DivorceCommunity Legal Centres.

For your convenience, our lawyers are located in the heart of the Perth CBD. Please Contact Us to make an appointment with one of our lawyers in Perth.

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Why, and When, Leaving Your Marriage Is the Right Decision

Love is the source of all things good and bad. It can be the reason for you to make someone a permanent part of your life, and it can also be the reason you can’t let go of that person. When the relationship becomes toxic, love can the source of your suffering. It’s like getting addicted to a substance. As bad as it is for you, you had already become dependent on it that letting go isn’t an easy option. A bad marriage can do as much damage to you as synthetic drugs do to abusers. And much like rehabilitation, it can take years before you can rid of it from your system. A struggle to accept reality Every person […]

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